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 The Black Sunshine State

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PostSubject: The Black Sunshine State    The Black Sunshine State  Icon_minitimeSat Apr 07, 2018 4:25 pm

The Black Sunshine State

BARBERVILLE, FL – Feb. 16, 2018 – Florida turned into the Black Sunshine state on Friday night after Scott Bloomquist swept the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series show claiming the PFC Brakes Fast Time Award, a heat win, and collecting the $10,000 payday.

“We got this new car on Monday; first time we ran it,” said Bloomquist. “We were creeping up on it a little bit. We made a few mistakes. Just get down on it. Car got pretty dang good. This Andy Durham Engine ran super smooth… We got some good people with us and hopefully we put on a good season.”

Bloomquist, of Mooresville, TN, started on the pole for the 50-lap event but Marlar, who started on the outside, immediately jumped to the front. The Winfield Warrior quickly widened his lead but by lap 12 Bloomquist reeled him back in and secured the pass for the top spot just one lap later.

“I didn’t really know anything about what was going on behind me. I could move around quite a bit. I passed a lot of cars in the middle, some on the bottom, actually this car felt good everywhere. So, we don’t have much we need to mess with tomorrow. It’s just a car wash and go.”

While there was plenty of action behind Bloomquist, he was only ever seriously challenged for the top spot with two laps remaining. Chris Madden, of Gray Court, SC, charged for the lead after getting a run off of turns one and two. He caught up with Bloomquist on the high-side but as quickly as he caught up to him, he trickled back.

“We definitely had a great racecar right there especially at the end of the race,” said Madden. “[Bloomquist] got out about a half a straight away right there and we run him down and mounted a shot at going for the lead down there in [turns] one and two. We got behind [Kyle] Bronson down the back straightaway and it took air off the car. If it wasn’t for that, I think we’d be in first place.”

Dale McDowell finished on the podium for the second straight night after another great run towards the front from a mid-field start. Although his charge doesn’t match the night before (15th to first), McDowell was still satisfied with his finish.

“It worked out for us, I just got to get qualifying down,” said McDowell. “Man, we’re burying ourselves qualifying and it’s me, just wide open against that cushion. I haven’t got that figured out yet. So, we will work on it. We have another night to work on it and I’m just glad to be in the top three.”

The World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series joins the final night of competition on Saturday at the 47th annual DIRTcar Nationals. Tickets for the event are available at the ticket gate or join us from the comfort of your home by watching every lap live on DIRTVision.com.

Craftsman Club Feature (50 Laps): 1. 0-Scott Bloomquist [1]; 2. 44-Chris Madden [6]; 3. 17M-Dale McDowell [13]; 4. 25z-Mason Zeigler [10]; 5. 1-Brandon Sheppard [12]; 6. 49-Jonathan Davenport [16]; 7. 28-Dennis Erb [3]; 8. 7-Rick Eckert [7]; 9. 39-Tim McCreadie [11]; 10. 14-Darrell Lanigan [15]; 11. 157-Mike Marlar [2]; 12. 25-Shane Clanton [8]; 13. 72-Mike Norris [20]; 14. 1r-Josh Richards [18]; 15. 22s-Brian Shirley [5]; 16. 21jr-Billy Moyer [9]; 17. 14m-Morgan Bagley [24]; 18. B1-Brent Larson [26]; 19. 54-David Breazeale [4]; 20. 40B-Kyle Bronson [17]; 21. C8-Timothy Culp [19]; 22. 16-Tyler Bruening [21]; 23. 1x-Chub Frank [23]; 24. CJ1-Rusty Schlenk [29]; 25. 2-Nick Hoffman [22]; 26. 22-Chris Ferguson [28]; 27. 31-Tyler Millwood [30]; 28. 9-Devin Moran [14]; 29. 18c-Chase Junghans [25]

Hard Charger Award: 17M-Dale McDowell[+10]

Qualifying Flight-A: 1. 0-Scott Bloomquist, 15.821; 2. 44-Chris Madden, 16.035; 3. 21jr-Billy Moyer, 16.111; 4. 28-Dennis Erb, 16.125; 5. 7-Rick Eckert, 16.222; 6. C8-Timothy Culp, 16.251; 7. 40B-Kyle Bronson, 16.283; 8. 9-Devin Moran, 16.324; 9. OF1-Coleby Frye, 16.326; 10. 15-Donny Schatz, 16.334; 11. 22-Chris Ferguson, 16.403; 12. 25z-Mason Zeigler, 16.405; 13. 17M-Dale McDowell, 16.426; 14. 16-Tyler Bruening, 16.496; 15. 18c-Chase Junghans, 16.506; 16. 14m-Morgan Bagley, 16.516; 17. B1-Brent Larson, 16.555; 18. 2c-Joey Coulter, 16.557; 19. 5-Don O'Neal, 16.598; 20. 33-Jeff Mathews, 16.646; 21. 71-Hudson O'Neal, 16.895; 22. 116-Brandon Overton, 16.909; 23. 14r-Reid Millard, 17.614

Qualifying Flight-B: 1. 72-Mike Norris, 16.088; 2. 157-Mike Marlar, 16.103; 3. 25-Shane Clanton, 16.189; 4. 7mm-Michael Maresca, 16.228; 5. 54-David Breazeale, 16.261; 6. 31-Tyler Millwood, 16.287; 7. 84-Austin Smith, 16.348; 8. CJ1-Rusty Schlenk, 16.401; 9. 14-Darrell Lanigan, 16.414; 10. 20-Jimmy Owens, 16.43; 11. 39-Tim McCreadie, 16.439; 12. 22s-Brian Shirley, 16.471; 13. 2-Nick Hoffman, 16.497; 14. 49-Jonathan Davenport, 16.507; 15. 1r-Josh Richards, 16.557; 16. 1-Brandon Sheppard, 16.575; 17. 1P-Earl Pearson, 16.817; 18. 6-Blake Spencer, 16.857; 19. 1x-Chub Frank, 16.858; 20. 75-Colton Flinner, 16.893; 21. 51-Dean Carpenter, 16.99; 22. 99B-Boom Briggs, 17.038; 23. 14z-Zack McMillan, 17.782


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The Black Sunshine State
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